Vappugospel 2012

keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2012

I took a four hour bus drive to Kouvola to see my favorite gospel band, LZ7, and literally, oh my dear God!

It feels like I don't have enough words to describe what LZ7 means to me. I remember seeing them for the first time in November 2010. Back then I was suffering from a bad panic disorder which made even my everyday quite hard to handle. But something gave me the courage to go to that big festival, and I couldn't be happier that I did. Getting a change to experience a LZ gig... it wasn't the biggest event of my life (of course not, I mean like, I did born and...), but I really do thank God for giving me that joy.

LZ7 made me happy, I danced, I had fun! Me, that shy girl who seemed to be afraid of everything back then!

They came into my life and told me to let it shine. And I took that advice and now, almost a year and a half later, I really do let it shine. I let myself shine and I let God shine. I'm not afraid anymore. I'm living, laughing, dreaming, learning, enjoying, loving, believing and being happy: I'm having the time of my life and I owe it to God.

So, this was my third time I saw them. This time I danced and had even more fun than ever before. At some point I took a moment and closed my eyes and prayed. I remember Lindz saying something about Jesus and His love and everyone cheered and smiled. So, I took my moment and thanked God and continued partying. It was amazing.

I've talked about this before, but I want to say it once again. Why can't believing always be this happy? I mean, for me it is, but not for everyone. At least not in Finland. It seems that for the Finnish society Bible and God aren't anything else but rules and restrictions. And that really sucks.

I think faith should be something to cheer you up, not to depress more. The Bible, How To Happily Live As Who You Are.

Faith, hope and love. Three things everyone should have in their lives, despite the fact do they believe in God or not. For my God, everyone is priceless. It doesn't matter what you are, think, believe, wear, love, do, want, dream or feel. You are you and you have a right to be you. What kind of God would say to you that you aren't good enough? (A shitty one if you ask me.)

Be happy, be you. Let your light shine. And if it feels right for you, let God's light shine too.

I had booked my trip thinking I would have to spend all day on my own and that would've been okay to me. But, when my dear friend Saana decided to come too, basically to see me (okay she lives in Kouvola so it wasn't that big thing I made it to sound, haha), I was thrilled! We've been friends for almost five years now, but I had only met her once, and then we only chatted for like ten minutes since James Blunt gig was about to begin. So, I was so very happy to have a chance to spend ten hours with her!

And why were we speaking English all night long? She introduced me to her friend, Taylor. She's an exchange student from the States and I must say, she's an amazing girl! We three had such a great time yesterday and I couldn't have had better Vappu. Since I wasn't that interested in seeing the other bands, we went to this nice restaurant called Angela and ate pizza and talked about hipsters.

So thank you Saana, thank you Taylor, thank you LZ7 and thank you God. And thank you mom for giving me money.

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  1. Kiitos itsellesi! PS. Mä asun Elimäellä.

  2. käytkö turussa jossakin seurakunnassa? :-------)

    1. raision vapaaseurakunta on ihan paras ja turunkin on huippu! oon ite sua vähän nuorempi, ehka siks raisio tuntuu enemmän kodilta, turussa on keskimäärin sun ikäsiä! uskon et jumala voi tehä seurakunnan kautta vielä isompia juttuja ja sä vaikutat ihan hullun suloselta. tuu joskus

    2. vapaaseurakuntalaisten käsitykset joistain asioista on vaan niin kaukana mun omistani ettei ihan taida olla mun paikkani...

      kiitos vinkistä silti! :))