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keskiviikko 26. toukokuuta 2010

all i have to say is that when you want to get good service, go to the main post of Turku. they really know how to make the postcrosser happy !

once again they almost loved my envelopes and cards and wanted to find the most beautiful stamps to post them with. they are also always telling me how to send the cards with the lowest price possible. if that isn't good service, what is ?

so, today i also bought a big envelope with a floral print by Finnish Marimekko. i'm gonna send some really nice and Finnish things to Masako of whom i was talking yesterday. someday i'll tell more about that envelope...

but, when i saw the stamps in the following picture, i was like can i buy millions of them... absolutely cute and different. the post officer was laughing at me when i said after almost every stamp she was showing to me, "i've already used a sheet of those..."

in the picture you can also see, well my driving licence and my visa, but the most important thing you should notice is my new wallet ! i made it one day and i just have to say... it's the best wallet i've ever have. there's enough space (to my receipts...), it's different, it's beautiful and it's made by me. i used some pieces of linen fabric and the floral printed fabric is taken of a big dress i once buy second hand. i hated the dress but the fabric was absolutely worth 1 euro.

in the next pic you can see the wallet closed:

you can also see my geographic book i should be reading. to make the wallet, i used a tutorial i found in one of my all time favorite blogs called very purple person. by clicking the link you can find the tutorial but i really think you should read her blog too, at least for a minute. so fascinating !

and one pic more: in the following pic you can see a card i received one day and liked it so much. (ignore the geographic book. and the laptop.)

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